Centerpieces...Not Just For Flowers Anymore

Having been a wedding planner for so long, it was hard to wrap my brain around not using elegant floral arrangements as centerpieces. But let's face it, a toddler isn't going to have the same appreciation for a striking orchid-wrapped manzanita branch that you do. The good thing is that you can still do a kid-approved centerpiece that's fun and may even involve flowers! The vase is a separate story though. Think beyond the clear and go with the theme. Hosting a circus or movie themed event? Bright flowers in popcorn boxes bring some eye-catching whimsy. A coat of paint turns a casual mason jar into a Hunny pot for a Winnie the Pooh party or a holder for snowflake wands for a "Frozen" inspired affair. Garden party? Hello birdcage! For a graduation party, I wrapped an empty soup can with colored pencils, and voila, a "vase" was born. We even made hero cut-outs for a superhero themed bash. Push past the petals and you never know what creative idea will blossom!



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